Mdina Engineering was established in 2005 by entrepreneurial Black engineers and remains a 100% Black-owned entity dedicated to providing engineering solutions that not only provide a return on investment for our shareholders but also empowers and enriches the local communities in which we operate.
The quality of our work has seen us expand in South Africa, while we have steadily enhanced our resources and technology to remain ahead of our competitors. We have expanded from an initial office in Johannesburg to a second branch in Polokwane.

We are committed to creating long-term value for our clients through effective engineering solutions that are specific to their requirements and specifications, providing tailor-made services for our clients.
Our financial stability and professionalism enables us to be a leader in engineering as well as drawing on the synergies between our sister companies. Our company is a respected member of multiple industry associations and registered with Consulting Engineer South Africa as well as the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).



To be a leading and world-class engineering firm that provides innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to engineering challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.


We strive to be the most innovative engineering firm in sub-Saharan Africa by delivering engineering solutions and strategies that are sustainable and cost-effective, thereby maximising economic and social benefits for our clients, our board, shareholders and local communities.

T.Mdina - Pr Eng, BSc Eng
M.Mtombela - Diploma (Civil)



Maintaining and enforcing an ethics charter for all our employees and partners.
Developing and participating in local community empowerment schemes and activities.
Incorporating environmental responsibility in all our operations and ventures.
Nurturing diverse, qualified and experienced staff with vast engineering and management expertise, as well as operational knowledge.
Adding value to and supporting our clients in the projects we undertake on their behalf.

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Tel: 087 060 0602
Cell: 072 298 1562
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